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Jack Kerouac: Where are you now? A retrospect of my life in words and music.

JACK KEROUAC: Where are you now? 

A Retrospect of my life in words and music


Dr. Andre Costello

The world begins to slowly move away from the body, traveling through space, time is a different matter.

The lady at the bar laughs and pours us another drink, in the name of humanity.

"War is not an option?"

A statement?

She didn't exactly know.

We stood up and she disappeared into the setting sun.

The sun, a blazing orb of yellows and reds, burned my skin but into the desert we went, my head held high and the body rejoiced in delightful agony of pain, running from the feet, up the spine and into the brain.

July 12th, 1993: Angie is dying, one minute at a time, as we all do.

She did it exceptionally well.

Hagus De Morus, trapped spirits on this world, overlooked a dreadful mass of humanity, the villains of the world; tax lawyers, used cars salesmen, angry youth trapped in globs of human waste trying to swim upstream like broken salmon.

"Here we should give up!" she once more appeared and said, smiling.

I had wanted to give up miles before, days in.

She wouldn't let me.

We did not see the setting sun, as the world ended behind us, one minute at a time.

Jack Kerouac, where are you now?

Trapped in some shitty after life, writing about the cause and effect of madness on the road with some long dead hooker who we never learn represents our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our nieces, the long lost love inflection we met in high school but never had the balls to ask her out?

Are we the same way, different time? 

Did we see the setting sun against the dying of humanity, or are we just mad, insane, completely utterly, sitting on the street corner watching the dogs and fights and the fucks and the loves?

"Cigarette?" the executioner asks.

I shake my head no.

"Good, those things will kill you!" he says smiling through broken teeth, rotting flesh falling from his face, to gather on the ground.

I bought a ticket, someplace, any place, the madness of my mind, my eyes, seeing the world as a twisted mold of disease and war, the painted hookers of 7th Street disappearing from my view as the bus hit the highway.

Gary, the lover, the fighter, the writer, was dead, in the ground, killed by society, drug of choice, life, a killer, no one gets out alive.

I tried to find my way back to that "other life" where I was happy, floating above humanity in a balloon, sky high, now, here in the blood, the mud, shit of society, looked down upon by those high up, those not realizing that some day soon they too could be down here.

The highway kept moving forward, pulling us down the line, further apart from the lovers, closer to the edge, the cliff, would we go over in a blazing ball of fire.


First posts are always the toughest!

Update - Originally posted on 8/11/2002 - I was young, dumb, full of hopes and dreams.

I was working as a IT support specialist for a casino in the middle of a corn field in Southern Indiana.

Little did I know, 10 years and 4 months and 8 days, my life would change majorly - my wifey Pamela would pass away on December 19th, 2012.

 I would begin a new adventure, a widower - no nifty club jackets, no member card, no secret hand shake.

There's a head nod from fellow widows and widowers.

There's an understanding.

The world becomes a different place that first minute of your love's passing.

No one who hasn't experience it can truly understand.

They think they know but until it happens to them, they will never truly know.

So here it is, May 4th, 2017 and I've decided to sit down at 4:40 in the morning and recreate this ancient blog into a "diary" of sort.

Read, enjoy!!!!


Ahhhhh, welcome, the dearest of the dear reader, to that which is the life of reboot monkey.

Some folks know us as MIS, IT, IS, etc. Movies have termed the phrase, "information samuari", "cowboy", "crossdressing cannibals", etc.

 For those of you who are thinking about becoming one of the few, the proud, the geeks, take this as a warning.


For those parents reading this, thinking their child will someday be rich with his talent for the computer, I have word of wisdom for you as well....


This will be your only warning, this post.

I have been a computer tech now for going on 5 years.

 I have been a computer junky for most of my life, starting at about the age of 9 when I got my first computer, a Tandy Color Computer Three.

 I have been an Internet junky since I discovered the world of Telnet, FTP, Gopher and even Archie way back when in computer terms of my college days in the early, early 1990s(well okay, 1991 to be exact...who can remember that far back???? Really??? I sure can't....its all a blur to me!!!) \

I went to college and gained my bachelor of science in business from a accredited school and soon found myself on the job market, looking for work in all the wrong places. Nobody would hire me for my choosen degree field, though I did get one offer to join up with some oil company and move to Saudi Arabi.

Soon though, I found my first job. I got on as an intern for a senator......this would ruin my views of politics and would also soon convert me to being a communist(just kidding Mom and Dad.....I'm still a non voting member of the Libel party!! haha!!!).

In the senator job, I learned many things about certain things, some of them printable, such as.........1)DATA CAN BE MANIPULATED INTO ANY FORM YOU WISH 2)POLITICIAN, NO MATTER WHO, WILL TAKE MONEY FROM ANYBODY, NO MATTER WHO and 3)I WOULDN'T MAKE IT IN WASHINGTON DC, I'M TOO MUCH OF A SISSY!!!! or is that a good thing in DC???

I forget.....moving on......

Soon after the election, I was back on the street, pounding the pavement, greasing the sidewalk and soon discovered TELEMARKETERS NEED COMPUTER MONKEYS.....

So I swallowed my pride once more and applied to a startup in my area telemarketing firm.

 Soon I discovered the behind the scenes of a multi thousand dollars telemarketing firm, the same ones that AT&T, Sprint, lightbulbs, multilevel travel plans and other con artists use to sell their products to you, the credit card carrying member of the telemarketed masses(aka Citibank, Capital One and any other major and or minor credit card company/bank in the world).

I would take database files and plug them into a war dialing computer that would call your house day, noon or night to try to sell you garden seeds, phone services, sex toys, whatever.

Also this is where I learned that computer monkeys always get a lot of attention from the opposite sex aka the females. Something to do with the electricity of the job I guess. I didn't get laid, far from it. Computer monkeys may be admired but they hardly ever get laid. We're not like bartenders or even accountants who get laid all the time.

During this time in my life, I was sneaking onto my old college campus and using their computers to cruise THE WORLD WIDE WEB and this became a big part of my life, the chatting with people in far away lands(Fargo, North Dakota) and also here, is where I would meet my future wife to be Donna Reed...haha......and soon I would be moving away to become what this Blog is all about, MY LIFE AS A REBOOT MONKEY FOR THE MOB........

I quit my job at the telemarketing firm(I know, I know, you're reading this, going, MY GOD, I WANNA READ MORE ABOUT YOUR LIFE AS A SEX CRAZED IT OPERATOR IN HEAT....maybe someother day...not tonight suga!!!!!) and moved out east to become a movie wait.......that was something else.......I moved out east to find my money and glory with my new wife in Bugglefunk, Indiana, just across the mighty Ohio river from Leweyville, Kentucky or as the northern boys and girls know it as LOUISVILLE....that's right, land of the Kentucky Derby and sluggers.

Coming out from the West to the east, is a big change over. And its even a bigger change over moving to Southern Indiana, home of the Hoser...........haha....just kidding, the Hoosier.............

I found love in all the wrong places....I got job interviews with high powered lawyers, no, not really....I did get a job expanding a Kmart into a Big K and Martha Stewart gave me stock tip...haha!!!

 But soon, I would be interviewed, poked, prodded and molested and even after all that the government didn't want I took the job with the mob, aka a riverboat casino as an MIS REBOOT MONKEY.

For 4 years, I have stood my ground as a monkey against India's finest fiddle player,

Chicago worse dye job, Trenton, New Jersey's best gay table game manager and I'm still alive to tell you about it.

I have seen ever expanding hip cocktail waitress have sex with a man and eat him whole with her hoohaa(translation: YOU KNOW, THAT P WORD!!!!!) and been forced to listen to old crooners from the 60s try to yodel...THE HORROR...THE HORROR.....Mama, don't let your baby's grow up to be computer operators, let them be gangsters or something, the money is better and so are the hours.

This is my story.

This is my life.

Look inside, peek once, then peek again, then tell others, have them tell others and soon, this site will make it to corporate and I'll be fired!!! THANKS ALOT!! ~hehehehehehe~ Until next entry, I'm the Computer Monkey 69!!!!!

UPDATE: 5.4.2017 - I would work at that casino until March 15th, 2010 when they would outsource my job and I was sent into Hell aka my life and now the real journey begins!!!

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